|Who I am

My Story

I am an Artist, Broadcaster, and avid coffee drinker living in Toronto. I am focused on themes of love, community, and finding inspiration. My work has been featured at Nuit Blanche, TEDx, Art on the Danforth, and other places. I have produced audio works for CBC, The Banff Centre, various films, and others. I have a Masters in Production from Ryerson University, a BBA in Accounting and Philosophy from St. Francis Xavier University, and have studied Podcasting at The Banff Centre.

Artist Statement

In all the work that I do I aspire for one thing, to motivate others to live better lives. I hope that audiences leave my work being stimulated and influenced in a positive way. I believe that art can transcend barriers and prejudices and I hope that my work challenges audiences to think differently by exposing them to unexpected realizations.

I am attempting to do this by creating immersive experiences that transport the audience. I often look to analog elements and their juxtaposition with digital culture and audio creations for inspiration. I find that the tactile nature of analog elements both inviting and striking, while audio has a particularly immersive quality. I like to work around themes of positivity, love and beauty, community and neighbourhoods; using inspirations of natural elements to influence my choices.

I get excited when aspects of my work challenge preconceived notions of community, identity, and mental health. I find these ideas exciting because I am constantly struggling with the challenge of self-discovery and expression amidst societal expectations around gender-identity, sexual orientation, and emotional awareness.

My current work is either telling exceptionally motivating stories or trying to connect people by creating a sense of community. I struggle with mental confusion and depression as a result of a brain tumor that was removed in 1992. I try to infuse the positive messages I want to hear into my work as a way to create world I want to live in. I hope to challenge social conventions so audiences may truly discover their own potential.