blogging is the new essay.

while reading up on Transcendentalism founder Ralph Waldo Emerson i began to notice the amount of intellectual essays he wrote and for which he received much of his acclaim. i then thought of the many other thinkers, philosophers, and great minds of the past few centuries and how it was through their prolific essay writing that the world was exposed to ideas that would shock, awe, expand societies’ views and progress our collective intelligence.

i quickly began to ask, “what has happened to the intellectual essay and where are new ideas coming from?” and while yes, in academic circles the tradition of writing and publishing is still upheld, the essay in its lustre and glory of yesteryear is gone. for new ideas to be propelled into society like Emerson, Sartre, Nietzsche and others, those thoughts must be exposed to the mainstream or at least the masses. and so, as i read and thought, i realized that it is the blog that holds this potential. it is in this simple format, where people think freely and instantly share their ideas with the world, that new ideas will be propelled forward, discussed, critiqued, and accepted or dismissed by the individuals who read…

…or at least that is one potential. sure, there are a variety of blogs – from the vacation to food to fitness – but each one of these has the potential for more, the potential to cut through the mundane and let people share parts of themselves. parts that, sometimes (not always) can cause us to ask questions about ourselves. hopefully, as you search through the internet, you happen upon a writing like this or you get the chance to write some of it yourself. if you do, please share it with me.

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